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cancerian | |
just a note to say that ur site has been REALLY helpful...thanks!a great site, BTW
24 June 2003 - Singapore

Anna | |
i got a question. on expage, when u make dolls on a doll maker, how do u get it on to ur own page?!
24 June 2003 - usa

Hey!! This is a GREAT site, it's helped so much with my webpage! it looks great. Thanks very much! :)
24 June 2003 - Texas

Neicey | |
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for all the help. It was all very useful and my page looks good.
24 June 2003 - Maryland

hello I am Angela I want to say thanks so much for this great page without you I would be pretty much lost lol. I like to build pages but sadly i am a litlte bit stupid and slow so I want to say thanks for this great page, its a great help and advice for a beginner and for someone that well need more time to undearstand stuff like that thanks again love Angela
24 June 2003 - Austria/Europe

Michelle | |
Your site is great and I got lots of help from it.... One problem... Why does the scrollbar in this guestbook look exactly the same as your sisters websites one? BTW, i'm working on my website.
24 June 2003 - New Zealand

Webmaster comments   Problem? I don't see it as a problem but well, you see, my site being the dinosaur site that it is, was made before css came out so I don't have style sheets. I just stole one from my sis and didn't change the scrollbar ;) I kinda like the color anyways!

24 June 2003 - New York

colin | |
oh yeah also, i forgot to ask... How can i block my page from being right-clicked? E-mail me back pleease.;) thanks a lot.
24 June 2003 - Can-ah-da lol

colin | |
well this is just an awesome website. no complaints. When people ask me on msn and stuff how to use html on their websites i just say one thing. I look at their page the next day and its extremely well done. What does that say about your website? Good job lissa, thanks.;)
24 June 2003 - Canada

Alyssa Chloe Tan | |
ThE sItE iS tHe ThInG i'Ve BeEn LoOkInG fOr!!GoOd JoB oN tHe SiTe!! BeAuTiFuL!!
24 June 2003 - SiNgApOrE

Flora |
hi lissa! your page is so cool! i love it...heheh!
24 June 2003 - Hong Kong

lykos33 |
Girl ,your site is do the kids say it...the!I need to build my first site in a limited time and with your help I think I may succeed.Thank you for your consideration of others when you created this site...BE BLESSED IN ALL YOU DO!
23 June 2003 - Florida

Sehira |
Your web sitw was such a great help! I have an account at neopets, (goddessoflight10) and needed help to make my pet's pages better! Thanks for all your help, Lissa! =^-^=
23 June 2003 - U.S.A.

¤¤Lija-chan¤¤ | |
LOLz... Lissa, this site is so cool!!! umm... I'm sorry if I asked it here but... How can you make an iframe, table, and scrollbar transparent?... coz, I really need it for my website!... oww, I'm rilly sori if I asked it hir!... Keep it goin I luv yur javascripts! Their so cool...
23 June 2003 - right now... France

Elaine Chao |
This website is so kool! ^_^
23 June 2003 - U.S.A

Amy | |
Hey lissa! thanks for your help. but there's one thing i still need to ask..... how can u make ur image transparent..... pls email back answer.. i dont' usually come here that often to update my website......
23 June 2003 - some where......

Jessica |
This is a real cool site to visit. I really enjoyed the time I spent on it. Good luck in life because u are really talented.
23 June 2003 - East St. Louis, IL

Breanna |
Hey this is really cool that you help kids make sites andit is a little confusing.Do you host people because when I figure this stuff out I want to make a site of my own.If you don't host can you make some suggestions for a good host.Thank a lot.
23 June 2003 - P.A.

Emily |
I like the site, think it'll help me with my guild!
23 June 2003 - Florida

Yoreidy [StrawberryGirlie] | |
Hi! I like the site, it'z really helpful...hum...but i don't understand the framez thingy! doesn't work!...i need some help :(!
23 June 2003 - Puerto Rico

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