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Britney | |
I have been using your website since I was a teen first learning HTML. I still come back to it to learn new things and just wanted to thank you for keeping it up! Love this site and can't wait to share it with my son! Keep up the great work and thank you thank you!!! :)
29 September 2011 - usa

So happy to see this site still up and running. You taught me everything HTML back when I was 11 years old. Now I'm 21 and your site is still extremely helpful. THANK YOU!
27 September 2011 - Northeastern US

Lissa, I started using your site at age 14. I would use all of your codes and just have a blast. I thought it was all fun and games, but now these skills are being put to work. I'm redesigning the home page for my work. I check back here all the time for advice and codes. Thank you so much for keeping this site running!
26 September 2011 - Chicago

I am taking Web page design in Highschool and your web site makes it so much easyer to make a web page, thx tons
26 September 2011 - USA Minnesota

jenny |
its nice how can i make a website
24 September 2011 - U.A.E

Alexandra |
Hey Lissa, I first found your site when I was twelve and into GeoCities and GreatestJournal, both which no longer exist. I remember desperately wanting to make my own "site" LOOK COOL, but I couldn't figure things on my own. Finally, I found your site, and I learned some basic HTML. Today, I'm 21 and a senior in college. A class I am taking combined with another class (to save money, I assume, and now I'm learning a bunch of stuff I didn't sign up for, HTML included. I was a bit nervous until my professor recommended a few sites, yours included. The first few chapters of our text are easy for me to understand because I remember the basics from way back in the day. In short, THANK YOU SOO MUCH for this site, which is now a CLASSIC. Love it.
13 September 2011 - NJ

I like ur site a lot
23 August 2011

Andrew |
Hi Lissa!

I just wanted to say thank you very very much for this useful site, it's really great what you are doing! I came across this site back when I was 12 (10 years ago!) and inspired me to build a lame little geocities page.. but with all the basic html skills I learnt from your site I kept wanting to learn more, and so I did. In the end it gave me a huge headstart in the web design industry. Now 10 years later, I'm an art director and web designer at the age of 22. And to think that you're the one that started it all. Thank you again and best wishes for the future :)
17 August 2011 - Australia

Albert Sellaman | |
Hi Lissa
Guestbooks are still in!
16 August 2011 - OZ

Lisa Story | |
Hi Lissa. Wanted to drop by and tell you how awesome your site is and how much I admire you. I have been visiting your site since about 2002 and find it very helpful not only for kids but adults, too. I am 51 years old and love creating graphics and webpages. Never had money for Classes so I am teaching myself with the help of your site and others. Keep up the great work. You are a very special and talented young lady! Kindest regards, Lisa S.
12 August 2011 - Louisiana

Win | |
Lisa, I have not been making web pages since my granddaughter was born six years ago, just too busy and now I have volunteered to make a website for our community. I am pleased I am getting back into it all and your website and your teaching talents are so brilliant. You have helped me a lot today!! Thanks so much!
7 August 2011 - England UK

sally | |
hey lissa your website is awsome im almost 10 and I have a website all my friends at school are always saying how they adore my site so i made one just for fith grade girls check it out if possible,
4 August 2011 - usa

Erica |
I used to use your site all the time when I was little and learning to build little Geocities pages for myself.

Ten years later, I have been tasked with running a website for my company. Today my code wasn't working and it was driving me nuts! I suddenly remembered your site and sure enough, poof! Your tutorial got my code up and running. Thanks so much for everything, so many memories of this site and here I am still relying on it. :)
29 July 2011 - Massachusetts

Stacie |
I have been using and referring people to your site for years. Thank you so much for all the hard work you've put into this site. You are amazing!
24 July 2011 - Atlanta, GA

jenny | |
cool site
19 July 2011 - USA

Merci, Lissa,

Tu m'as rendu un immense service, avec tes scripts.

Sur mon blog, j'ai mis un lien vers ton site pour te remercier.

Bien amicalement,

12 July 2011 - Paris - France.

Are you still around?
30 June 2011

Webmaster comments   Yes =P

thank you for teaching me such a good leesssoon
27 June 2011 - michigan

elementary school student
thanks a lot, this will help me when i go into middle school.
26 June 2011

Mandy |
Hi Lissa! I first came across your webpage almost 10 years ago, when I was about 12 or 13, and it's helped me a lot to improve my web designing! Now I'm 22 too and I'm surprised to find it still online. I never knew you were younger than me till now though. I feel unaccomplished. Nevertheless, good luck and thank you!
25 June 2011 - Singapore

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