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Patience |
Thank you so much for your tutorials. You are doing a great job. You are highly appreciated.
7 December 2010 - Nigeria

niecey |
hi lissa its my first time visiting your website i've always heard that it was a great site and now that i have actually tried it i believe it thanks so much for puting up a great site love your bigest fan niecey P.S. where are u from and how old are you
30 November 2010 - i live in Houston Texas

dawa bhuti |
hey lissa,i love you website!
29 November 2010 - new york

natasya | |
Last year I was trying to think up a fresh hobby to pursue - somebody advised to think of what I enjoyed doing when I was 10 and go from there. For me it was online shopping & web design. Thanks Lissa for your web info & guidance.
16 November 2010 - Malaysia

Andrea |
love the site cant believe how many html codes there are
1 November 2010 - Marysville,Wa

Matheus | |
Hi Lissa!
I live in Brazil!!
Your site is god!!
27 October 2010 - Brazil

Genevieve | |
I think I've signed here a few times over the years but you know, I never actually read your "about me" page until now!
Your site is amazing, it's been helping me since I was a teenager and it's even helping me now as I go to school for web design ;)
Keep it up! Great to see another dancer who's also a web geek ;)
19 October 2010 - Fairfax, VA

angela | |
ALL GOOD and good work
excuse me but I do not speak English with translation help!
16 October 2010

Ford | |
Hi, Lisa! I liked your site a lot, and was wondering, what is the best free web making site? I've been using, but don't really like it, I know you know a lot, so I wanted to know.
15 October 2010 - US

Lissa |
Hi Lissa! I've only met one other person in my life with "our" name!
6 October 2010 - Twin Cities MN

courtney |
hey lisa your cool[;
5 October 2010 - MASSACHUSETTS

Noah | |
I just finnished all my stages to growing my html its great i did half on dreamweaver:
4 October 2010 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Shannon |
Your html info is the best! I wouldn't have been able to understand it if I hadn't found this site. Thanks :)
30 September 2010 - Concord, NC

Kurtis Aldran
Thanks Lissa, your information was very useful to me and I will use it to improve my website. You're the Best!!! x
20 September 2010 - Glasgow, Scotland

What happened?
Your website was out for a while...!
I thought it was my fault....XD
18 September 2010 - Houston

Tom Riddle
heyy lissa thanxx a ton for explaining all this new stuff to me, im still confused about a few things but that dosent matter. Im making a webpage and i wanted it to look better than most peoples as weve only been learning the basics and now were doing an assignment. Thankyou for helping me discover more about making websites. =)
18 September 2010

Carmen |
Hello Lissa!
This is a great website! Can you add something about how to create an E Mail?
15 September 2010

katelynn | |
I am so happy to be in school with my best friends.
14 September 2010 - flordia

I am ** and i have a website I do not have it published but we are thinking about it your webite and tips are great
14 September 2010 - England

Lissa - love your website - Thanks!
13 September 2010 - Greenville,SC

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