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Steph |
On a scale from one to ten, your site is definitely a 10. :)
23 June 2003 - Colorado

haley |
can I rigester
23 June 2003 - USA

Shelly | |
Thnak you so much!!! This site has help me bucket loads!!!!! I dunno what id do without it!
23 June 2003 - UK

Angel | |
I like your site because I need a lot of help on html codes!!
Please sign my guest book!!
22 June 2003 - Australia

lil dumb m3
wow itz hard to believe u started all tis wen u were 11 im realli dumb so yeah ur site helped out aLot more den u think =] only thing is .. iono where to paste the html on mah xanga =/ other den tat i think ur site is more den GREAT =] i dont want mah email posted so yeah ill msg u if get on line =]
22 June 2003 - =] home

Joey |
I learned so much in this site, there isn't anything I can say that is negative about it!
22 June 2003 - United states

erika |
hi lissy!
thanx 4 all tha info on web page and stuff! :D
yoo've helped me so much, if i could help yoo in anywayz that duznt involve money, go head and eMail me! :)
22 June 2003 - Us

Brooke |
Dear Lissa,
I learned a lot from your website help.
I hope you keep up the good work!
P.S.please E-mail me!
22 June 2003 - United States

Lindsay | |
Your site is great!!!! It helped me a lot!
22 June 2003 - U.S.A

Sasha |
Hi Lissa, your website is Fantastic!!! It helped me understand the basics of web design!!! Thanks alot sweety!!! Keep up the hard work!! Love Sasha xxx
22 June 2003 - England

Brianna | |

Your website rocks! Now I know all of the basics of creating my own website. I will suggest you to all of my friends! You Rock!!! : )
22 June 2003 - USA

SailorMoonFan | |
Hey, Lissa, your site ROCKS! You really helped me with my website, guild, and userlookup (on Neopets). Thanks so much! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!
22 June 2003 - U.S.A.

Ragnhild... | |
Can anyone tell me how to post in the forum? 'caue I'm a member and all that, but I don't seem to get allowed to post; it just says "you're not allowed to do this"...Help? And luv the site!
22 June 2003 - Norway...Look north on the map!

Webmaster comments   I'm only allowed a certain amount of connections by my host, and if there are too many people on, you can't sign on to the forum. Keep trying!

Hey Lissa! I totally LOVE your site! Being able to come to your site really helps make my guild webbie for neopets look a whole lot neater! This is awesome! Thanx! Don't ever delete this site!!! =)
22 June 2003 - England

ryry | |
hey thanx alot lisa ur site helped me make my site u give gr8 advice on site makin keep up the gr8 work!
22 June 2003 - maine

sabrina |
Wow your site is really good it has helped me a lot with mine so please visit!
22 June 2003 - England

Alex |
Lissa this is a great thing you do here especially how you make html acually ake sense!I dont have my own site but i use html in my guild on you so much!!!
22 June 2003 - Orlando ,Florida (usa)

Stephanie | |
This website is so much fun and really cool to see that even I can do html and have it come out right! Thanks
22 June 2003 - New Jersey

Naz | |
Thanx sooooooooo much Lissa =)
Your site is the best,i dont know what i wouldve done without it!

Luv *Naz*
22 June 2003 - England

Fatma |
hello, I love your site. It helped me a lot and still does please don't ever close it.
22 June 2003 - England

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