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Pooooooooooopy | |
Thanx 4 tha html hlp. i usd it 4 alot ov thngs Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 June 2003 - Mars

Tantalizingtouch | |
Hi! I just wanted to thank you because you have helped alot with my onlinediary page... Thanks! :D
25 June 2003

Webmaster Mikey | |
Hello Lissa! My Name Is Mike And I Am The Webmaster Of "Mikey's Town"! I Would Appreciate It If You Visited My Site And Maybe Give Me Some Suggestions! I've Worked On My Website Since 2001 And Am Greatly Dedicated To It!
25 June 2003 - United States of America

How did you make the color chart???!!!!
25 June 2003

.:Liselle:. |
Hi Lissa! My friend recommended me to your website.. she said it's useful for HTMLs... it really helps! N yr website is cool! it's so pretty! I like it! U must've put lots of effort in! Thanx alot!!! =)
25 June 2003 - Singapore

Kayla |
Hey, I just wantd to say that your page ROCKS! I come here all the time if I have a question with stuff. If I can't find it here, then I never really needed it!
25 June 2003 - United States

Lissa |
ohmygosh but u and i dhave the same name and spell iut the same way. But that dosen't mattter your website is so cool and thanks to u my dad wants me too help him with his webpage and i'm using yours
25 June 2003 - USA

Mandy |
Wow,this site ROCKS! It helped me with my web-site and also memorise all the basics of html. I love being able to do my site with html. You have easy to read and understand directions and java script. I looooooooooove it.
25 June 2003 - USA

Natasha |
Hi Lisa, I Have A Question How Do You Ad Extra ScrollBars To Ur Page?
25 June 2003 - London

After 3 years Ive never signed the guestbook. This is where I first learned html. Thanks for all the help :)
24 June 2003

BeThAnY | |
love the site has helped me on my guild on "great site" so thanks for all yourve put on here!
24 June 2003 - U.S.A

Cam | |
Hey Lissa! This site rules big time. i think it's SO COOL that u set up a site to help others when u were 11..thanks so much for the info and html help! u were A GREAT HELP! have a nice day!
24 June 2003 - Singapore

Alex |
Hi lisa. I have a question, on your inline frames, what are the sizes you put in place of the bold for width and height? thanks. nice site by the way!
24 June 2003

Alex | |
Hi Lisa great site. I have a question though. For the inline frames for geocities. You know how you can change the width and size... how do I do that... what do I put in? I put in 10 for width and 10 for height and nothing showed up on the page. Help!
24 June 2003 - USA

Jen |
Hi Lissa! I have my own website. I love your site! It's really useful and it helps me big time. Thanks to you, I get more visitors! All my friends use your site!
24 June 2003 - USA

Charlie | |
Hi Lissa! You may remember be from "Charlie&Mitts design", we never actually did anything with that anymore tho'. LoL!
I have my own website now about my fave actress, and I still use your site for a lot of HTML tags that I can't manage to memorize :D And I recommend it to my friends too, cause it's so easy to understand what's to be done.
So a big THANK YOU from me!
24 June 2003 - Netherlands

Mistress Lina
Wicked site, Lissa! I found one thing that majorly helped me with my site ^.^
24 June 2003 - Japan

Shoyru_4593 (Rebecca) |
Lissa i love ur site, its wicked!
24 June 2003 - Europe

jOy | |
hey lissa, i just wanna ask something about the exploding heart cursor... i really dont understand where to paste them, like the , tags thing. so if u have time, could u PLEASE help me [email]???
24 June 2003

Steve | |
Your site is very helpfull! SOem things i had been looking for for days, and then looked at your site.THNX!
24 June 2003

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