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testing out the guestbook
17 March 2011

Hassan Mahmood | |
Hi i am 15 years old and my name is Hassan
16 March 2011 - Canada

Kimberly |
Lissa, I have been visiting your site for about 10 years now. I began using it around 2000 when I got into the site at age 33! lol. and then set up my own web site. Your explanations were so good that I came back time and again when I got stuck. Great to see you still on the net!
12 March 2011 - Goergia

Alex | |
Congratulation for your nice site!!
Alex from Italy
12 March 2011 - Sondrio (SO) Italy

Cindy | |
What Do I CLick To Get ONThe Paqe To edit My Web
6 March 2011 - Us

I can't believe this website is still here! Or rather, I can, because it's still awesome. I used it to learn HTML yeeeearrs ago. Excellent job!
6 March 2011

AWSOME INSTRUCTION!!!! I LOVE this site!!! My webpage looks soooo cute because of this
2 March 2011 - Japan

To me this sounds cool
22 February 2011 - Not with you

Jenny | |
I love this site
13 February 2011 - USA

Thomas (Forums: Firestarter) | |
Hi Lissa! This is a wonderful site! I just heard about it randomly via a Twitter post haha. I wish I knew about it when I first learned HTML way back when haha. I'll definitely use the forums now though, as I brush up on my skills and get more up to date w/ current standards. ;)
7 February 2011 - MD, USA

Hey Lissa,

I've been using your website since I was 12 (which was 10 years ago i guess now!). I mostly used it to edit my neopets pages! I just stopped by to see if it still existed and it looks the same as it did when i first started using it. I think its really great that you have this resource thats so kid-friendly. It sure helped me out a lot when i was younger, but i wouldn't be surprised if many adults use it as well. I guess i just stopped by to say hi and thanks :)
29 January 2011 - Canada

this is great!
28 January 2011 - Phil

this is kinda cool i guess :L
10 January 2011 - tokyo

I love this website
30 December 2010

Ryan W. Lovett aka rwlovett | |
I really enjoy your site it is a great tool that I use from time to time. I have been using your site from the beginning and refer to it when I have forgotten some important coding. I am a computer scientist who works in different fields and web design is one of them, I must say that I am impressed, great job!
29 December 2010 - Savanna, Illinois, USA

Jacob Ramsey |
I found your site to be quite informative. Sometimes it's hard to find exactly what you're looking for, but your site has done exactly that. I have bookmarked it for use of it in the future! Thank you for the great quality information. =)
13 December 2010 - Pennsylvania, United States

angel |
13 December 2010 - USA

St Ives Store |
Thanks very much for an excellent website. Loads of useful stuff. Best wishes from Cornwall, UK.
12 December 2010 - Cornwall, UK

Webmaster comments   Thanks, glad you like it :)

Pingal Pratyush Singh | |
Hey Lissa ! I love your Website too much But there are some Problems.
9 December 2010 - Naharkatia

Sasha | |
Cute! I've been searching one like this. But.. the cursor doesn't work. I really need it for my project.. :(
7 December 2010 - Philippines

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