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Audrey |
This really helped a lot. I have windows live, and i just dont really get how to make a website. But all i was realy looking for was HTML!
15 June 2010 - USA

I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF YOUR SITE SO GET LOST!!!! Just Kidding just :P i am actually lookig for an email thing that my mom will let me have so im gonna ask her about this...
12 June 2010 - Texas

Kelly |
Hi Lissa, just wanted to say that I've been coming here since I was 13. Now that I'm 22, I'm still coming here for HTML help! Thanks for all of your hard work!
9 June 2010 - Texas

maria | |
I would like to create my own website in the near future..thanks lissa, your web motivated me a lot.
5 June 2010 - Malaysia

JB |
awesome site!
28 May 2010 - cambodia,kingdom of wonder

Matheus Gaspar Schwan | |
I am live in Brazil
Your site is fantastic!
I am add to my favorites ;-)
28 May 2010 - Alegre/Espírito Santo

Albert Sellaman | |
Check out my site to see how I added music to my home page.
23 May 2010 - Oz

kopiHangat | |
Dear Lissa...

Hi, first of all... what a great site and a great job you've done... I do like it :)

This is my first visit to your site and frankly to be honest, it really shocked me when I read the "about page"... What an awesome learning spirit you have...

I am preparing a site of editor programs, whether the downloadable or online ones... I was collecting data about them when I found your site... :D

Of course I provide a link to this site in mine... I'll let you know when it finish.

Thank you
23 May 2010 - Jakarta, Indonesia

Rissie |
You know, I learned HTML on this site for the first time when I was around 11-12 and got really heavily into web design because of it. Now that I'm an engineering student at the ripe age of 21...I still come back here as a reference.
20 May 2010 - CA

17 May 2010

kathy | |
I'm searching for your book. Do you have a book? I would like to buy it....
13 May 2010 - Berlin, Maryland, USA

Benjamin | |
Hello Lissa,
I would like to thank you for your fantastic web site!
It had really helped me make mine.
I have only found 1 problem: Javascript Section 2 is still under construction.
13 May 2010 - U.K.

Phil Glass | |
Well, I'm not a child, but I found this a very useful site - my knowledge of HTML was none existent, and most other sites assume you have a basic technical understanding. This site explains everything in such a way that even I can understand it. Thank you!
13 May 2010 - UK

Aleksei |
I love this site! It's a great help to me while I'm remodeling my site to a css layout! Thanks Lissa! (:
12 May 2010 - California

connor |
this is dumb
11 May 2010 - usa

Hi Lissa gr8 website!!!
Just a question:
For some reason, i can't seem to make an email on your site. When i try it says "Sorry, unable to connect"
8 May 2010 - Ohio, USA

great website i just need a code for a triple expanding layout
7 May 2010

Kelly |
Hi, I've just found your website. It's wonderful and very helpful. I have to create a web site for my ICT lesson and you gave me so many great advies. Thank you very much.
30 April 2010 - Czech Republic

Your website is so good for 8 and down.
It's the best website in town I think.
27 April 2010 - Tampa,Flordia

Lissa | |
hello do you know how to code like this pls teach us sometime
25 April 2010 - Singapore

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