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Kelly | |
Thanks so much for making this awesome,helpful site! It is easy to understand and follow... I love the bright colors too! Anyway, keep it up!

God Bless!
15 June 2003 - Florida

Heather | |
Hey, I love your site here! It's a great resource and I visit constantly. I have a question for you though, where can I download my own copy of the advanced color applet you use? Thanks!
15 June 2003

I LUV you site it ha sreally helped me out and its fun!!
15 June 2003 - USA,Maryland

Izzy | |
This is such a kool site! It really helps!
15 June 2003 - Uk, Sheffield

Kaidee |
Hey!!! your site is totally awesome. it has helped with sooo much and you deserve the best gratitude!!i hope you are going to make another website soon!! I thinks its really cool that you made this for kids and teens that needed help with HTML, cuz with me when i first began i had no idea what to do and now i love it!
15 June 2003 - South Carolina

Brian | |
Your website helped me a lot in javascript, css, and html. Oh, by the way, great website designing. If you want to visit my site, it hasn't been updated since Chrismas.
15 June 2003 - U.S.

bright-girl | |
hey lissa, i really like your site. it's cool! i have learnt a lot from your site. there are so many things i have to learn in creating a web page! your page is really good enough to teach me what should i do. thank you!
15 June 2003 - singapore

~Anna18~ | |
Hey Lissa! :) This is such a cool & great website. It's helping me loads!!! But I have a few more questions about creating a website. Hope you can mail me back,if that's even possible. Thanks so much! :)
15 June 2003 - Philippines

Mikado |
I love your site, I think it's so helpful to aspiring webmasters to have such a friendly, informative place to get them started! You may advertise yourself as 'for kids', but even us older people have learned stuff here! :D
15 June 2003 - Washington, USA

Jiun |
Hello Lisa~
This web page helps me a lot^_^
15 June 2003

Floria a.k.a lori | |
hey this is a rely kool website u've gat here........but i'm still a little confused wit da music part but o well ***** it.......n everythin' helped me wit mah website.....thnx!!!!
14 June 2003 - Canda, Ontario, Toronto, Scarboroguh

Julie | |
cool, I am trying to learn HTML, and this site is helping me.
14 June 2003 - USA

Hey Lissa this website is so gonna help me!! But i need to concentrate!! The colour Scheme is really welcoming Thanx
14 June 2003

Amy |
Hi - I love your site! It's so kid-friendly and fun. If you could put a section that tells you how to get a white background behind your text and an image/solid color background, I'd appreciate it.
14 June 2003 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

michelle |
Hi! Thanks! your website really (and I mean REALLY) helped me out on adding some finishing touches to my website. Thanks!
14 June 2003 - Melbourne FL

natalie | |
Hay i love ur site lissa its so helpful i use it on my web site all the time !! if anyone could help me on frames it would really appriciate it im on angelfire and my addy's r below :) tnx lissa u rock gurl friend!!!!
p.s ma other site is
14 June 2003 - Peterborough, england, uk, world ;-)

Chrissi | |
Hey Lissa, your site is really gr8! It's helped me a lot and I really admire that you're doing this FREE, for US! Thanx,
14 June 2003 - America

Kara | |
Your site is SOOOO great. I use it everytime I edit my pages, and the best part is, I've started to learn to write my own codes! THANK YOU LISSA!!!!
14 June 2003 - USA

Leon Greenwell |
I am new to Lissa's site, but am already a big fan - all the best.
14 June 2003 - UK

hey lissa!! can you add tutorials for those who's gonna start making a layout using adobe photoshop.. coz im really having a hard hard as in really hard time doing my layout. i don't know how to start my design. tnx! hope you could help me! take care! you're really a big help from all of us!!
14 June 2003

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