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Taylor | |
My new blog couldn't have been made without your help! If you want, you can take a look at it on .
13 June 2003 - Australia

Victoria |
I think your web page is the BOMB!!!! You go gurl, you have loads of kool stuff here....
13 June 2003 - Pittsburgh

Zac | |
AHH... you are SUCH an awesome inspiration to kids (and maybe some adults) who are new to html. I had had about 2 years of experience in html and still knew very little. Always searching for html help sites, I came upon yours and it's the best source for basic html information that I've ever seen. The knowledge to build a website is SUCH a powerful thing, and if you can harness that power, you can create something special. To me, it's a hobby that makes me want to become a better person in the aspect of website building, and in even more ways than that. You make alot of people the great webmasters they are today, and that's an INCREDIBLY awesome gift. It always takes my breath away to learn of someone wanting to help people so much, and going even further as to try and break the information down into steps that less knowledgable people can understand. You heart is in the right place, so keep doing what you do so well, and you'll continue to be making alot kids less frustrated when they're up at 1:30 in the morning trying to figure out why their tables aren't displaying correctly. Keep up the AMAZING work!
13 June 2003 - NY, U.S.

Shannon | |
i love this site, & I couldn't have done my site without it!!!! =)
13 June 2003 - Memphis, TN

PLease visit my neopet page!
13 June 2003

Emily | |
I couldn't have built my site without your help! Thanks so much! If you get the time, sign my guestbook, too. That would be awesome.
13 June 2003 - Kansas

Kimberly | |
Lissa, Your website is helpful. It is very colorful. I am just learning html, and need help.

13 June 2003

Madeleine |
Cool site!!
13 June 2003 - Pennsylvania, USA

stevona | |
You have very informative site.Please keep it updated.
13 June 2003 - nc

Chris | |
Thanks Lissa! This site has helped me a lot. My site doesn't show it much though, but that could be because I don't have Photoshop or anything of the sort, so mine's just a few pictures with a lot of text. Oh, and thanks for registering with the ICRA!!!
13 June 2003 - Virginia

Kylie |
hi i was wondering if you could help. I made an web page using microsoft FrontPage and i'm done the site. How do i get it on the internet. PLEASE HELP. e-mail me back:
13 June 2003

Liz | |
Your site had helped so much, I believe that if you look on my page you will find many of your scripts!Update the site often, I will check back. Also visit my site and sign my guestbook if you want to. Everyone is welcome!
13 June 2003 - I am located somewhere in the milkyway galaxy

Bren | |
Ur site's amazing but u don't have PHP, CGI or Pearl tutorials.. Are u gonna do something like that?? Please mail me thanks!!
13 June 2003 - México

Debbie | |
Hi this website is soooooooo cool, it is the best! my website is so cool thanks to Lissa!
13 June 2003 - Cardiff, Wales, UK

omg you are an angel whoever created this. your site has helped me like i never thought a site would. u rock. please dont ever close this site. this site taught me sooo much. thanks. Byeeeeee LOVE YOU!!!!
12 June 2003 - EDMONTON, ALBERTA

Alyssa/Lizard | |
Omg u're site has helped sooooooooo much!! This place is awesome!! NEVER close it, or I'll EAT you!!! (actually, I won't... just don't even think about closing this place down even for 1 hr).
12 June 2003 - Virginia, USA

Thanks for creating a great site, Lissa. Without it I would be really stuck!
12 June 2003

Your site is the coolest!Without it,I wouldn't know how to make one!
12 June 2003 - Mississippi,USA

Kara | |
This site is sooooooo cool! its the best. It has helped me so much! Thank u Lissa!
12 June 2003 - England

Sabrina |
Great site i love it. Add more stuff.
12 June 2003 - Florida USA

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