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Hanah Tahir | |
6-7 years ago I think. this was the first site I ever looked on to learn how to creat my first website and I am so happy that this is still alive! more power to you! and thanks for helping us starters in the web ;) and the look is still the same! so nostalgic!
7 January 2012 - Philippines

Around 8 years ago you taught me HTML. Thank you!
5 January 2012 - Mexico

Larien |
Lissa, Wherever you are you are an ANGEL! I've been making websites since I was 10 and Your website showed me everything I ever needed to know, now Im 18 and whenever I think how do I.... your website is the first site I type in! Your so awesome and thanks for teaching me so much about website-making! Couldn't have done it without you!!!
30 December 2011 - USA!!!

hey lissa thanks soo much, i used some of your html ideas on a site im on and it saved me 2 hours of sitting in front of a laptop screen playing games to earn coins for a layout, maybe can you tell us how to add in a scroll bar to our layouts, im havving troubble doing that XD
30 December 2011 - England

Carter |
Hi. I think your website is fantastic, it's given me lots of help. Now everyone in school knows me, who knew that a kid with great drawing skills, a website and a great web teacher (you) could create an internet sensation all across the web. Please check out me web site and sign the guestbook. It would be an honor. Thank you for all the help.

~~Carter :)
29 December 2011 - New York

Gabriel | |

I used to visit your website back when I was 11-12 years old. I built an empire on Neopets, and then sold it for five bucks.

... I miss my millions of Neopoints.

4 December 2011 - Toronto

mary | |
Thanks for a great web site.
30 November 2011 - spain

alyssa |
i love the website
24 November 2011 - aruba

i love your site it is very creative and COOL
23 November 2011

Troy |
Hi Lissa, It's been many years since I found your site. Thanks for all the help years ago when I was a fledgling HTML'r. It was like grasping at memories of the past when I came across it today. It was nice. Thanks!!!
22 November 2011 - Pennsylvania

cool website
19 November 2011

Lin | |
This site is so awesome!!!!!! I made my own site with it and it is so helpful!! There is so much information, and it is very pretty.
17 November 2011 - Somewhere in the US

Gavin Von Derahe
2 November 2011 - Salem, Oregon

Hey Lissa,

I first found out about your website when I was about 9 or 10 and it taught me nearly everything I know about webdesign today - have learnt so much from it! Thank you so much!
31 October 2011

Lin |
Awesome website!! Tons of help!
25 October 2011

I learned HTML and CSS when I was nine years old because of my interest in Neopets and your website made it possible. :) I am now currently working on learning advanced JavaScript and PHP. Without your website, I wouldn't even have a foothold on the world of web development. Thanks, Lissa~
24 October 2011

I love this site! Thank you so much for creating it. :D
23 October 2011 - Canada

Junior | |
Dear Lissa,
I am only ** years old, and I am very intelligent, especially when it comes to computers. My specialty, HTML and other text languages. One day, I decided to look for HTML kids could understand. So I went on Google, found a bunch of lame sites, then BAM!!! I see your webpage and it is really helping me. I am going to ask my school if I can make them a website for each of the grades and whats going on, and you know I'm going to visit your site for tips. Although my website isn't up, I'm going to you for approval!
11 October 2011 - Gainesville, GA

Derik |
Hey Lissa!
I still don't get where to go after I download the free guestbook(the one from your link) because my archive is a WinRAR ZIP archive. Which file in the computer do I go to?
4 October 2011

rj |
Your "lissamail" service is not working and shows not sign-up.
1 October 2011 - Philippines

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