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Gramma Pat | |
At last, someone can help me understand what to do with my website myself. Thank You
20 June 2003 - Butternut, WI

rosey | |
thanks for making the wonderful website. its soooo helpful!! thank you so much.
20 June 2003 - minnesota (usa)

Catherine | |
Just wanted to let you know that even though I know most HTML, when I didnt, I came to your site, and I found out what I needed! Thank you for all of your help! Keep up the good work!
20 June 2003 - Indiana

andreina reilly | |
hey ur website helped me alot to make my website bye
20 June 2003 - united sates (ohio)

Rebecca | |
Hi Lissa,
I havn't been using this site very long, but I found out about it off some one on Neopets! ( You see she did this symbol: and I wanted to know how to do it, so she HIGHLY recomended this site. So thanks a lot for all your help, making symbols and Giving me HTML for my website! :)
20 June 2003 - England (near Newcastle)

Thank you SO much for this website!! It helped me sooooooooooooo much! You're awesome!
20 June 2003 - USA - Texas

this is really cool! *** ** and i've always wanted to make my own webpage. this helps a lot
20 June 2003

Webmaster comments   *message edited

jay arnold | |
this is good
20 June 2003 - australia

Jane | |
I've always liked this site, ever since it opened. I just wish there weren't so many ads.. :( But overall, it's just as useful as it was before, if not more so. Good work! Thanks alot.
20 June 2003 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Yeah, I know what you mean. When I opened it, and for a couple of years after that, there were no ads. But hey, I couldn't afford the $200 a month hosting and a girl's gotta eat ;)

Zakiyyah | |
Hi Lissa. Your website is cool and very original. I think i will also like to build my own website. Keep up the good work.
20 June 2003 - Singapore

thomas Wright |
I just love this website its so girly. i really got in touch with my feminin side.
20 June 2003 - Bradford, UK

Webmaster comments   Lol, yeah it's a little girly.

sarah | |
hi.. really find tis website really useful... Thanks!! but i kindda need ur help..if u can help.. i wan to noe how to uplaoad music....i didn't quite understand ur explaination on uploading the music to a server.. i didn'y understand that.. pls.. can u help me and explain it to me.. THANKS! ;)
20 June 2003 - Singapore

Michelle |
Hi, my name is michelle, I`m **** ***. I just wanted to ask if you could put sumthin` on the site about blogs. You know, pictures and inside, those things that look like inline frames? Maybe they are inling frames I don`t know, well, anyway, I`m having trouble aligning them. If you reply to this message, I`ll see it because I like to
read the guestbook a lot. I don`t really get the frames part either. I try it and I just don`t get it at all!!
Could you please try and explain that part better? (just makin` a bunch of suggestions)
20 June 2003 - California

Webmaster comments   *message content edited

this is real cool!i've learn loads from this website!
19 June 2003 - singapore

San | |
Thankyou Lissa! You're doing a wonderful job with this site! Of course, because you know everything about html...I havn't read or looked at everything yet, but there are sure alot of information which I can learn. Thankyou for your time and input in this site! It's really very helpful. I'm glad there are people like you that take their time to help others.
19 June 2003 - Ontario

sarah |
fabulous site, lissa - i have been a loyal visitor for over two years. keep up the excellent work, and i wish you all the best in your future. =)
19 June 2003 - michigan

Webmaster comments   Thanks!!!

Alexa |
do you know how to make an image from a file into a link??

anyway...everything else REALLY helped me! thanks a lot!
19 June 2003

Marleigh |
this is the most boring website in the world!!!!!!!!i will never come back here EVER again!!!!!!!!
19 June 2003 - none ya bizznaz

Webmaster comments   Ok, Marleigh, looks like you and Christen down there about 7 entries share the same ip address, which means you are both exactly the same person. So which is it..."Thankx for all the help with my sites. Your HTML really works" or "this is the most boring website in the world" ??? Make up your mind ;)

little miss | |

thank you so much for all the help you have given me. My father wants me to create a buisness site for him! I owe it to you! For people reading this, I do not care if you visit my site or not, it is just not that good. I have been caught up in another one. Oh, also, Lissa, I love your new guestbook +the bright colors on the site!!!
19 June 2003

This is an AMAZING site! I learned soooooooo much, and not to mention all the FAQs.
19 June 2003

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