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nica | |
hi lissa! your site has helped me alot! but i have a problem! i dont know how to make another page or simply just put my textbox the place i want it to be! pls email me on what to do! i need help!
22 June 2003 - philippines

kitty |
thanks for everything if it was not for ya site i will be lost thinks so much.
21 June 2003 - usa

Kat | |
Your site has been enormouly helpful. I am not a kid (32, I am) but I'm a complete tool when it comes to this stuff, so your coherent explanations have assisted me greatly. Thus, for people who are in similar straits as I (HTML-challenged), you've been linked to my site as a reference tool. Thanks so much, and keep up the fantastic work.
21 June 2003 - Calgary, Canada

Kitty | |
I luv your site! It is sooo helpful! n_n
keep up the good work! ^_^
21 June 2003 - USA

Kirbee | |
Luv the site! It has enabled me to create my wonderfully spiffy site, and I never could have done it without reading all the content!
21 June 2003 - Canada

princess |
Very cool site! =)
21 June 2003

tiffany |
Your website has helped me out alot! Thanks! But I have one question either I have overlooked it or something, but I made inline frames on my site, and I need to know how to get writing inside of them, I have looked over and over and I can't find nothing.
21 June 2003

Hey, Lissa! I wanted to say that I have used your site to help me somewhere near a million times! ;-) I have looked all over the place for HTML help sites, but your is by far the best! Thank you for your hard work and easy to use and understand website!
21 June 2003 - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Maya | |
Hey Lissa. I just wanted to say thanx times a billion, and a billion truly is a large number. lol. but I mean everyone of them. When I started with HTML, I knew absolutely nothing. In fact, I didn't even know what HTML was! But thanx to you and your site I'm well on my way to figuring things out. I even have a website AND a game. (the game is the link I put, since I did the most HTML work on that). Well just wanted to say thanx and let you know I'm recmommending your site to ANYONE who needs HTML help. :D
21 June 2003 - USA

Antoinette |
Hi Lissa,

It's about time I sign your guestbook and thank you for all your help! I started from scratch in Nov 2002, my knowledge of HTML was zilch, nothing, nada. Eventhough you say this site is for kids it was the only one I could understand (and I'm 45!). I'm proud of what I've learned and the way my site looks now. Thank you again, and I'll keep on visiting here :)
21 June 2003 - The Netherlands

Webmaster comments   YAY thanks =))

Dan (Michelle's dad) | |
Hi Lissa,

Michelle tells me that you are spending a lot of money on your web site or are sort of forced into using banner ads to help offset some of the costs. She says you have quite a bit of traffic on your site.

Anyway, I have a reseller's account for my web sites with 20 domains, and so far, I've only used about 12 or 13. They're basically Christian web sites or sites to help save marriages.

Depending on how much space and bandwidth your site requires, I might be able to help out some perhaps in exchange for links to or or

21 June 2003 - Fresno, California

Hi Lissa! Since I began making websites several years ago, your site was the first HTML tutorials I could understand and I've tried many. I haven't been here in a while since I'm fairly good at HTML now, however, I am now trying to learn PHP. Again, the tutorials I've found are not helping me any. So, I would like to propose a suggestion for you. Could you add a PHP section to the site? If anyone can help me, it would be you :) Thanks and take care, Lissa
21 June 2003

little miss | |
hey, just saying hi again. I just wanted to tell you what a great site this is, and I wish you the best. I have a question though, how did you learn HTML? Oh, also, I know you are busy, but if you have time, will you email me?
21 June 2003

Lek Jun Rong | |
Thanks for the active guestbook instructions, but I cannot access the control panel because whatever password I've typed is all wrong! What is the problem can you help?
21 June 2003 - Singapore

Webmaster comments   Someone at support for active guestbook can help you I'm sure =)

Emma |
I think its a great idea and i luv the website because its so bright and bubbley.
If any **** ******* ** wants 2 be my penpal email me @
p.s penpals plz be american i luv america!!
21 June 2003 - North Wales in Britain

Webmaster comments   *message edited

Megan | |
I really like this site! I was wondering where can you get or make custom fonts?
20 June 2003 - Califorina

Your site is really great! Keep it up!!!
20 June 2003 - Singapore

Kate | |
I love your site. I already know html, but not like all of it lol. I like to come here and get your fun stuff!! Keep up the good work!
20 June 2003 - Caldwell, Idaho

putri | |
heys.i wanna sae that your website is way cool. the html help is so useful. im kinda new to html and your help made me understand better.i also recommended this site to my friends who didn't really understand.thank you so so much!
btw, you started this site when you were 11?wow, you must really be some expert!
20 June 2003 - singapore

Michelle (again) | |
I`d love to contact you. You seem nice. also, lissa, did you know web hosting services at will give you a website just as great, and What?!?! 200 $ that`s crazy!!! will give you the same thing for 8.00$ I pay it out of my allowance. it gives you no ads too! try it lissa. I`d love to help you. It`s not like angelfire or geocities and stuff. It is a regular website! featureprice went down is what my dad said and he gets unlimited bandwidth! woo hoo!! Hey, I love this website! if you aren`t too busy maybe email me.
20 June 2003 - California

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your comment. There's not a Web host on the planet though that would give my site hosting for $8.00 a month. I love Dreamhost, and wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks for your concern though ;)

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