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Hey | |
GREAT WEB!!!!!!!
25 April 2010 - Canada

Ricky S |
Hi. I've just stumbled upon this site again. I remember reading it when I was a little kid several years ago and it helped me a lot, it really got me into websites. I'm working for a large computing corporation now with a lot of web development and I'd really like to thank you for setting the foundation for my computing career.
24 April 2010 - Sydney, Australia

WOW this is an awsome site!!!! this really helped me!thnx
21 April 2010 - usa

Rochelle | |
Wonderful website! TBH this is much more user friendly than Dynamic Drive in terms of being easier to navigate around and read tutorials. Bravo! I keep coming back everyday... X3

Question: Do you have a button for the website as a whole? I've been meaning to link you on my site... ^^'
18 April 2010 - San Diego, California

Hey, for my online html class I had to find a helpful tutorial on image maps. I chose your site because it was really easy to understand. Thanks!
18 April 2010 - North Carolina

Greta | |
Wow...11 years old and you knew HTML and CSS...I'm totally speechless, hon...congratulations!!! :O :D
13 April 2010 - Canada

Fawn K |
I Love that I found this website. My 9 year old asks me questions I just can't answer.
I haven't even known where to start them on the road they appear to want to travel.
We love your site.
11 April 2010 - Jacksonville, FL

ncky | |
thanks for all the help here its helped me lots :]
11 April 2010 - scotland

Lissa, Everytime I Go To Sign Up For An Email (Of Yours..) It Brings Me To A Random Page? Do You Think U Can Maybe Fix That?
11 April 2010 - USA

me |
hey lissa. thanks soooo much. i've been wanting to create a site for years and could not find a free tutor site. Thanks sooooo much again. and is there a web host that doesnt cost money and doesnt have downloads? Thanks.
10 April 2010

Harry |
Wow, i used this websites years ago to learn stuff. I stumbled on this website today and remembered it very well. Now i`m 25 years old and a full time web designer as a occupation. I like to thank you lisa :) You got me started!
10 April 2010 - Netherlands

Jason | |
Wow!! Great Site, it really helped out alot.
26 June 2003 - New Zealand

Haha |
Poor website... get better from!!!
26 June 2003 - Tusadi

Webmaster comments   My site is intended to teach children HTML so they can write their own Web site. While Dynamic Drive is a wonderful site, it does not cover the areas that I do in my Web site. I'm curious, why is it so important to you to leave an anonymous message in my guestbook? People don't take messages of that kind very seriously if you ask me. I would REALLY be interested in seeing YOUR wonderful Web site, although since you didn't post it, it couldn't be all that wonderful now could it?

Wow! Great site! :P
26 June 2003 - At home ^.^

Regina | |
Great website! I've been dying to learn and make a good web site. This helped a lot.
26 June 2003 - New Jersey

Teagan Henry |
Hey, Great Website you've helped me with my website we gotta do at school.
26 June 2003 - Australia

Tenko | |
I just wanted to say thank you for making this site. It's been helping me out since I was 13, and I still use it today. It's very straightforward and easy to understand. :) Certainly, it's one of the better HTML help sites I've seen around.
26 June 2003 - Ohio

studio5ive | |
just wanted to thank you for your CSS insights--you seem to have a knack for making it easy to understand. i appreciate your help...
25 June 2003 - tucson high desert

Madeleine | |
Hey, I need help on my site- I want to show people how to put that code thing to use my background, so how do you do it? Anyways, come and visit my site sometime!
25 June 2003 - Somewhere

Chloe |
i have a guild in neopets and i am trying to not only know how to do this stuff but how to get it can you help me?
25 June 2003

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