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Alyssum |
Hey Lissa, your website was helpful, me being a noob an everything... But I still dunno how to use the tag... A little help, if that's alright?
28 May 2012 - The US of A

Hi! I love your site. please upload on how to put the comment box in our site.
25 May 2012

KNicole |
Hello Lissa, I'm 12 and I'm learning so much about coding from your site! It's so detailed and everything! Thanks a lot xxx
22 May 2012 - Saudi Arabia

Misty | |
I am Misty, 11 years old, and Thanks so much! I coded my site and I love the tutorials. They are so handy!
20 May 2012 - WA, USA

landon |
hello lissa thanks so much you helped me make my sisters website (it was her birthday on 5/16/2012 visit it if you would like :)
18 May 2012 - USA

Tarah |
hi! i was using this website when i was around 10, and now i stumbled back. i'm 19 now! thanks for all of your help, i will always come back here for html help!
14 May 2012

Steve Davidson |
great website - thanks
6 May 2012 - England

Hannah Ketchum
I'm trying to make a website and you have made it very easy. THANKS!!!
5 May 2012 - United States

Diem |
I started teaching myself HTML at a young age and your site was one of the most helpful. At twenty-three, I still use your site to help me every once in a while. Thank you so much for hosting this, and then keeping it running, for so long.
18 April 2012 - Louisiana, USA

Leslye | |
I have been looking at your page to help me understand the web since AOL profile days (I was 13!) Now I am back for more help as I am trying to set up my own page being a stay@home mom. Thanks!
15 April 2012 - Florida

You make coding so easy for me!
12 April 2012 - Chicago, IL

emily | |
Lissa! Where are you? Do you ever update this site? What are you up to nowa days? I used to come on here yearss and yearss ago and I still rely on it now. You've always done well on this site but I just wondered- what are you doing now with your life?
4 April 2012 - U.K

Hello Lissa!! I just thought of this website recently. I used to use it back in the 90s! You helped me so much! I've grown out of web design, but I had a lot of fun with it when I was younger. Even in the 00s I would always refer back to this site every once in a while. I just wanted to say thank you!
31 March 2012 - Canada

Grace | |
Hi Lissa!
I first checked your site when I was 16 and i thought it was really helpful since I wanted to add basic codes on my forums. Now, I'm 24 an I think I'm ready to create my own website. And I'm back on your very helpful site again. I'm really happy you thought of something like this, so unique, and litterally a good tool for dummies & newbies like me. God bless you!
25 March 2012 - Philippines

Carter McEneany |
Lissa, thank you SO much for helping me with my website I've had it since third grade! My dad used to update it for me but then he handed it over to me. He tried to explain to me how to do it, but I was getting angry. I almost decided to stop the website all together, but then I found this website and it helped me SO MUCH! THANK YOU LISSA!!!!! :)
25 February 2012

Hi Lissa. I've been wanting to get back into web design, but a bit more seriously, and decided to brush up on the basics and instantly thought of your site. I remember when I was first learning, I had your site open constantly to try out new things and experiment. Thank you for all the help in the past, and in the future!
9 February 2012 - Canada

Reyna |
Hi Lissa, your site is very informative. It helped me build a site for my business. I found your link on

P.S. Please look at my site at and tell me what you think :)
5 February 2012 - Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Hey lissa you have made us students understand this really well!!!
31 January 2012

I am ** years and now I know how to make a website!
28 January 2012

This website is how I got started a little over 10 years ago when I first had the internet. I had no idea what HTML was. Now, I am almost 23 and am starting my own website and I would like to make note of how this website helped me get interested in graphic design. I now have a graphics degree and knew more than my fellow students about HTML thanks to this site. I also now have an enviable portfolio that can stack against the experience professionals.

Thank you for this website!

And, girls, we can be web developers, too. :)
8 January 2012 - Illinois, USA

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