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Melody |
This is so cool! It's also amazing how stupid I am when it comes to computers....Well! Now I can learn stuff for my guild on Neopets.
18 June 2003 - Texas

Weatherman Matthew
Thanks Lissa!!! I found this web site very useful!!! Thanks for your help! ^__^
18 June 2003 - U.S.A.

Paul aka Blackwolf | |
Hey Lissa, I've been messing around for a few yrs now on making my webpages and generally use all html coding. Even went so far as to get me a paperback book called Webmaster in a Nutshell. Couldn't find or figure out the Scolling Marquee, but did now, thanks to you. Also incorporated the drop down menu links. What a godsend. My sister found your website here and passed it along to me. Got a quick question on the drop down menu. How can I change that go button to something I would prefer other than what's there? Please email me with an answer. Mark the email in subjet line Re: Go Button so I know it's you when I'm sorting through my emails. Thank you kindly. Sincerely, Paul H Johnson aka Blackwolf
18 June 2003 - Southeast Wisconsin

Jonathan | |
It's amazing at how much you can accomplish if you stick to it. And your a perfect example for that. I hope that you are very proud of your site to be able to help obviously lots of people with their web sites. I personally use it all the time on my site. The only prob I had was with frames. Too confusing for me... Keep up the good work!
18 June 2003 - Canada

Landra | |
For kids? HA! I'm 20 years old and I love your website! I use it all the time. Thanks for your detailed help for HTML. :)
18 June 2003 - Texas, USA

Nieves |
Hi! Lissa

I,m here to learn how to do HTML thank you for your help
18 June 2003 - UNITED STATES

frozen ice | |
yoz....nice site =P
18 June 2003 - singapore

k, site really helps, pop ups are ok, only that some questions are missing. are you editing the site??
18 June 2003

Webmaster comments   Huh?

Juztin |
Wuz^, yo? Here it is y'all!

Yo, basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way the dribble up and down the court, yeah, my favorite play is the alley-oop, I like the give, g-g-g, give and go!
18 June 2003 - Japan

Webmaster comments   oooooooooooooooooook

Ariel |
nice colours but they r a lil' bit 2 bright!!
17 June 2003 - US

Webmaster comments   Wear sunglasses

Hey, congrats on this site. Well done tutorials and a good looking layout. I've been using this site often so I owe it to you to give my thanks. Great job Lissa, I hope you continue to expand on this site.
17 June 2003

Hi...ur guestbook is SO nice! And this website help ALOT in making my webbie...thank you SO MUCH!
17 June 2003

Charlotte Taimi
Site is nice but pop ups are intrusive, annoying and confusing for the kids.
17 June 2003

Webmaster comments   Pop ups keep this site online, without them I can't afford the $200 a month in hosting and bandwidth charges. So it's either ads and a little inconvienience, or no ads and no site.

Angel Jade |
Thanks so much for all your help. I've really learnt a lot here. Have you taken the custom scroll bar section down? 'Cause I can't find it. :(
17 June 2003 - Birmingham, UK

Webmaster comments   It's in the CSS section.

~jeana~ |
this is a really cool website...juz the pictures in here and decorations already attracted me!to say the truth,this website reaaly helps me with my webpage. sorry, my webpage is still under construction so i am not able to tell you now, maybe some other day?thanks alot!i will let others know about this website,okie? thank you!!!!
17 June 2003 - Singapore

Kathryna |
I totally love that you would put up a site to help people who want to learn HTML. THat as so totally nice of you. Thanks a million! You don't know how much I will learn!
17 June 2003 - Jamaica

Brian Chang | |
Lissa, ur website is very helpful, but i have 1 question, how do u put music on ur wbsite?
17 June 2003 - U.S.

Hi I was wondering if you could put how to make a "random quote" maker...
17 June 2003

Erin | |
I love the site! It helps SOOO much! No. Seriously! You don't understand HOW MUCH it helps! lol, Thanks A MILLION for everything you do! You truly have a TERRIFIC gift at HTML, web page making, etc. Good luck! ;)
17 June 2003 - Dickinson, Texas

francesca |
amazing! thanx for all the help!! it's really easy & basic to follow. keep up the good work. :)

17 June 2003 - UK

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