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I love this website!
30 August 2010

Celtic Cornwall | |
;-) Love your site - Thanks for the great info on frames! Best wishes ... Colin.
30 August 2010 - Cornwall, UK

Webgeek | |
i failed to complete a alert on a thread from a diffrent site, but this is the best. go javascript!
28 August 2010 - none of your buisness!

Ashleigh |
Lissa, I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think it is that this site is still up! I found it only months after you had first created it (way back to the very first layout when you were 11) We're the same age. I used your advice to help make my (at the time) cartoon doll website on geocities lol. Now, I'm a freelance graphic designer, and I still find myself coming back over 10 years later for your tips and tricks. The best part is, it's as if nothing changed :) Thanks for all your hard work!
24 August 2010 - Chicago Illinois

awesome site and great walkthrough for html
23 July 2010 - usa

Jessica | |
I love your site. It is really easy to understand html the way you explain it. Also I love how you use images to help explain. Thanks so much for all the help!!
23 July 2010

Ginger Beady |
Thank you for making this site!!!
16 July 2010 - SC

i dont know how to actually set up a website how do you do it?
14 July 2010 - uk

abhishek |
Great Site! i first visited it almost 8 years ago, and its still online. Nice:P
14 July 2010 - India

harmony |
Your website is the best! u are awsome
9 July 2010 - flordia

Dawn | |
Hey I love your website, I used it years ago, and still use it to this day! Your site is very helpful and easy to understand. You helped me make my own websites for years! Glad to be doing them again.
9 July 2010 - Canada

Hillary | |
Hi I'm 11 right now and still working on my website,but your explainations helped so much!My website loks weird but I'm tryng hard to improve it...I just turned 11 (July 7)and thanks for the help!!! =)
7 July 2010 - Houston,Texas

Onetha | |
Hey, thank you, thank you, thank you!
7 July 2010 - California

Hillary | |
wow,thanks a lot it helped so much!!!!!!But i have a question....Can you tell me which part shows how to do the background?
6 July 2010 - Houston,Texas

Liz | |
This site helped me when I was just starting to learn web-based programming when I was a kid. I now have a link to it from my website and I still come here from time to time to see what you've dug up. ^^ Thanks so much, Lissa!! (I'm about to utilize this guestbook script. lol) I'm also going to be teaching HTML in the fall to some high schoolers so I'll definitely be passing this site along as a resource. Keep up the great work!
1 July 2010 - Odenton, Maryland, USA

ninja3009 |
Your advice is great! Although, my browser (internet explorer 8) wont accept javascript that you have :* ( keep up the good work! I wish i could use your scrips and downloads!!!!!!
26 June 2010

Leila | |
I love webkinz and I want to start my own blog can you help me Lissa?
24 June 2010 - Michigain or MI United States

Kiara | |
I prefer Symantec antivirus because my mom is a computer technician, and got a virus using kaspersky. Now she has no viruses andcan use her computer freely. Can you give my mom tips on how to make her site better?
22 June 2010 - Ct Usa

Kiara | |
I really want to know how to change the background color and how to hyperlink an image! Any Ideas?
21 June 2010 - CT USA

Natasha |
Lissa I can html. And I'm wondering, when did you first learn HTML and where?
19 June 2010 - Engaland

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