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ali joura
thank u so much for explaining evry thing it helps a lot
17 June 2003 - florida, jaxbeach

Lissa- You're great! I love the site. I have been searching for weeks trying to figure out the secret to good web design. You unlocked the mystery. I get it now. And it's easy. Thank you.
17 June 2003 - California

Melissa | |
No offense, but it's easier to figure it out by yourself
17 June 2003 - Brooklyn, NY

Webmaster comments that why you're using page builder??? ;)

Maura |
HI! Your site is very helpful. I now know a lot about HTML! This is one of the best websites ever! Please visit my site sometime!
16 June 2003

David | |
Thank you for this site i've been looking for a guestbook for ages and i came on here and got one in 2 minutes.
thank you very much
16 June 2003 - Australia

Kristie |
thank you Lissa, just wanna let you know how your website it really helpful, it really help me alot,
16 June 2003

Kiara | |
Ohhhhh Thankyou Thankyou so much for creating this site it really helped me my website is so cool now i have a tracin cursor or w/e dropdown bar menu thingy and i still needa get how to do the music thingy its hard .... I cant get it :-(
16 June 2003 - Miami

LunatheCat | |
Thank you for all the wonderful work you've done. I've been visiting this website for years now and its been extremely helpful to me in my endeavors. I find myself always coming back, especially for those hex codes and the css tutorial. I'd like to add a banner link to you on my site. Do you happen to have a banner?
16 June 2003 - Pennsylvania, USA

Webmaster comments   Thanks =)) You can find banners here:

Fran |
Your site is really cool! It's really helped me with my webpage!! THANK YOU!!!!
16 June 2003 - UK

Chloe |
Hey Lissa! I have a question on the way you position your images. I am just trying to make a website so I am not very good at the pixels thing. Could you please send me an e-mail explaining about pixels and how you measure them? Your website is great! I learned alot from you!!!!
16 June 2003 - Florida

Poppie | |
Your site is very helpful. The layout is gorgeous and everything is so easy to understand. You should be very proud of this site!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
16 June 2003 - Michigan, USA

Brat |
hi lisa I was wondering how other people got drop downs and all but now the wonder about my drop wons it's really col that you made this site at 11!!! if anyone is on neopets and wants to be my neo friend or join my kool guild my username is kanaika2000
16 June 2003 - new york

paige baxter | |
hey! this is a really helpful site! on neopets, in my user name called pixie_dewdrop i now have almost 20 neomails asking for guild layouts! thatnks alot. i want htis site to last forever!

16 June 2003 - ontario, Canada

ah co | |
hi lissa , ur great knowledge of html has increased my knowledge of html greatly too
hope you work on blinkies too..
16 June 2003 - Singapore

Sasha | |
I luuurve your site! I now know HTML, CSS and Javascript and my teacher really sucks up to me!
16 June 2003 - Aussie land - down under

grace |
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
you are a lifesaver! It was takin me forever to earn money for a "HTML for dummies" book. :P i asked a friend and she told me 2 go 2 your site. thanks a LOT!
15 June 2003 - U.S.A.

trish | |
hi Lissa! your site is amazing! it really helped me..i just wanna ask one do you insert an HTML code when your website editor is just basic? thanks again!
15 June 2003 - Phillipines

Justin | |
THIS IS DA BEST SITE EVER!!!! Hey Lissa you got the perfect site for html n00bs like me!!!!!! :) Your the best Lissa!!!
15 June 2003 - Canada

Lucy | |
I just wanted to say that this site is amazing!

I have used it to create my whole website and I will be writing a report on this site for a friends website!
15 June 2003 - London, UK

Kelly | |
Thanks so much for making this awesome,helpful site! It is easy to understand and follow... I love the bright colors too! Anyway, keep it up!

God Bless!
15 June 2003 - Florida

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