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My name is Lissa, too!! I've never found anyone else with my name. My name is short for Clarissa (like the old TV show "Clarissa Explains it All"). I just found your site when I was typing my name in Google. I like it.
25 June 2011 - Texas

peter shadbolt | |
Thank you Lisa for such a informitive site, and with all this information I will be busy with web pages now a long time.. Been looking for a site like this for years,, I am older 61yrs and a novice, so Thanks a million...Peter S
15 June 2011 - New Zealand

James Dormandy | |
Hi Lissa,

Big Thanks for youre Plugboard Script, it works amazing. I just edited the Button into a Banner, and changed the word "Button (URL)" into "Banner (URL)".. youre Copyright will be there forever. I hope you have success with youre Work in the Internet.

If you need some Free Stuff too, please visit my Homepage for Webmasters.

Please excuse my bad english, i got Irish roots, but we live in germany since generations :)

with the best greetings

PS: Ich search one or two really amazing Webpartner, wo wanna Change a Link with me for the "Partner Box". You are the first one i ask, so if you want, just send a Message/Mail. Greeeetz
10 June 2011 - Germany, Switzerland

Amber | |
I just wanted to say thank you. I learned HTML on this site about 8 years ago. Now I'm looking to create my first blog in a long time and I am very glad to see you are still here and your tutorials are just as straight forward and simply explained as ever. Thanks again, for making this all a little easier.
1 June 2011 - Las Vegas, NV

High School Student
Hi Lissa, I love your work; it helped me a lot on my web page class
27 May 2011 - USA

Justin |
I've seen this, and WOW! I just can't believe it!
22 May 2011 - Canada

High School Diploma | |
Such a nice site thanks
15 May 2011 - USA

Tasnim Ali | |
I love your website it teaches me a lot of things.Could you tell me what program you used to make it.
4 May 2011 - North America

I love this website. You explained it to me and i made a layout(that turned out better with a mistake that i made)
3 May 2011 - USA

Andres |
I like your page its really educational and very much helpful to beginners like me...
28 April 2011 - Philippines

COOL!!! I love this site!!!
21 April 2011

Aadya |
You are awesome. Youre website is really helpful. I use it all the time!!Thank you!!
18 April 2011 - Usa

Khyatee Thakkar | |
15 April 2011 - Akola

Rev. Frisby
Thank you for your help, your site is very helpful and God Bless you
14 April 2011

Steven B Erickson |
Great Site
8 April 2011 - Washington

This is great! I knew a bit of HTML before coming here, but this has even more info than the other guides for kids!
2 April 2011

Klo | |
i love your codes, made my imvu look awesome :)
21 March 2011 - England

Elizabeth Tritsch | |
I love this website-extremely informative especially for novices like myself.
21 March 2011 - NYC

Denise | |
Lissa! I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for this website. You successfully took me through learning how to make websites when I was just 13 years old and now I am 21, have a degree, and am designing websites professionaly :) Thanks so much!!
20 March 2011 - Australia

Bobbert |
Hellooooooooo. A friend of mine recommended this website. I was wondering if you could help me with my website. I wanted to get background music, and it need some kind of .mp3, .midi, or .wav extension. Can you tell me how to get any of those?
P.S. I made my website from
19 March 2011 - Pennsylvania

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