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Kimberly Ann |
Your site is really helpful. I have learned a lot from it.
19 June 2003 - USA

Ada | |
hey! your tutorials really helped me!!!! my friends ask me for help, and i'm like, just go to your site is wonderful, that's honest and pure as honey! oh, i followed your chromeless window tutorial, and it worked liek a charm!thx again! i have some questions for you in your forum... thx! bye!
19 June 2003 - proud to be canadian

Justina | |
wow! thanx! i've made my site popular with all the html help and other stuff you got around. my site wouldnt be where it waz with out you!
19 June 2003 - US

This site is really helpful! I don't know any better HTML webpage. Thanks, bye -
19 June 2003 - Australia

Christen |
Thankx for all the help with my sites. Your HTML really works and really makes websites look beautiful! Thankx again!
19 June 2003 - America

Amy | |
Thanks! This website helped me a lot with my school html project!
19 June 2003 - Canada

Steve | |
Thanks very much for your page. I've put what I've learned here to use on my own eclectic homepage. Thanks Again!!
19 June 2003 - Tampa

Amy |
Thanx Lissa for so much help i couldn't have made my web site without your help.
19 June 2003 - England

|dazed| | |
heyhey... this site is realli realli COOL... IT ROX... i am currently having trouble with archiving my blog.. do u have anything on this site that has to do with archiving of blogs ? ws juz wondering... THANKS !!!!! keep up da good work... wtg... hope u can reply this one coz i realli realli am having trouble
19 June 2003 - Singapore

Carol | |
Very helpful site! Thanks a lot!
18 June 2003 - Sheridan, IN

Gypsy | |
i love this site to death!!!! its helped me so so so much. i think it covers everything
its helped me build my website and show off ( mwuaahahhahahah) ty so much. its a really cool site.
hey i cant find anything on div layers though...think that what they are called....but everythign else is great!!!! i love ur sisters site too :D tell her dat
18 June 2003 - australia

Raquel Rose Wilson | |
Your page wil be so helpful!!!
18 June 2003 - USA

*~PeEkaboOkz~* | |
heya! heard about this site from a friend she said that you are really helpful... so i am giving it a try... by the way... nice site... very colourful and attractive
18 June 2003 - Singapore

Takia AKA ~*Princess*~ | |
Thanx! I already new html but i cudn't figure out how 2 put stuff in da center of the page!
18 June 2003 - Chicago

larry just larry | |
than a ton ya really helped me
18 June 2003

meredith |
hey! i found your site sooo helpful! now a lot of people are askin me how i got everything on my page-i say Lisa explains it all! lol thanks again!
18 June 2003 - ga

bailey |
hi, i just wanted to say that this site was very helpful, and when i was bored one day, i decided to make a site, i find html really interesting!!
although, i am still confused as to how to make frames!
18 June 2003

Nanashi Barton |
*BOWS* All hail the great Lissa! Lol, thank you SO much for all your help from the site! Believe me, I'm probably as dense as people can go with computers (no joke...i used to call html "headache-trauma-making language") Anyways, is there any way to link to you site? It's been a great help and I think it really really really deserves a whole bunch of credit-I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again!
18 June 2003 - Zion

Webmaster comments   Thanks!!! You can link to me with a text link or any of the images on this site: =)

Lauren | |
I have a question maybe you can help. I made a banner and an award for my site, I used html and got them to show up on my site, but I put the code down for people to copy and it doesnt show up on their pages. Same thing with my layouts... I must have messed up the code or something. Do you kno the code ...thanks soo much if you can help!
18 June 2003 - USA

Webmaster comments   I don't like to answer questions in the guestbook, that's why I provide the forum, but anyways your host probably doesn't allow direct linking so there isn't any code you can use.

Enjeru/Sakura | |
I LOVE YOUR SITE! ^^ But I have a question, how do I make more than one hyperlink image scroll?
18 June 2003 - On my compy.

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