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Mark | |
Just checking out your guestbook, I also use Active Script but it seems to have stopped working and I am unable to log in the control panel. Have you had issues with it?
19 September 2012 - UK

Webmaster comments   I haven't had any trouble with it!

Joy |
My Cousin in America gave me this site to check out and it is really something. I had no idea about web designing before but now i good at it. Thanks Lissa, your tutorial really helped.
18 September 2012 - Nigeria

Webmaster comments   Thanks, glad you like it!

I am 24 and I used to come to this website when I was super duper young and I am so surprised that it is still around! It really brought me back to my childhood. Thanks
12 September 2012 - Atl, GA

Hey Lissa, noticed your home page was broken!
10 September 2012

Webmaster comments   It's fixed!

Amanda |
My friend used this site for getting an A in computers and she showed me I was 9 then so I went on and I started creating a site then I'm like I can't pay for this stuff!!!!! So i quit sorta, but now I'm 10 and 3 quarters and I'm like well I can still create a site for myself and post my stories and stuff and maybe when I'm older buy a domain... but thanks!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm still confused with drag and drop LOL thx soo much :)
3 September 2012 - USA

Where do I go to get a site hosted with Facebook? I didn't know they provide hosting services. Learned that from your site, the right column says "This site is happily hosted by:" and the first thing under that is "Facebok"

Also, what is with your site's home page?? If I just go to the domain name by itself, I get "Access denied."
25 August 2012

Tammi | |
It's been a while since I've visited your site so I decided to stop by! I've found your site to be helpful several times in the past.

It's pretty neat that you first started your site when you were 11!
I've had my site for quite a while, too! Maybe sometime you will come visit!
18 August 2012 - TX, USA

Byron Hawkins Smith | |
I love what you are doing here. I have taken classes and read stuff, but I will be learning from you for my site. I am 75, but I can see what a great thing you are doing for young people.
17 August 2012 - Eagar, Arizona, USA

lisa | |
i love you
13 August 2012 - here

Misty | |
Thanks Lissa! I wasn't expecting you to visit my site since you're really busy.
29 July 2012 - USA

Camrynn |
O.o.The website that I'm on uses Html codes and Cs's codes,but not with .It uses [style] whatever url in between here[/style]I love the codes here but I cant uses them because they don't have the correct starting code.Please help me Lissa; wheather through email would be good.Please!
12 July 2012 - America

Sabby |
I've been making websites for years and I had heard of this site from all of my online friends and had never visited, but now that I've rejoined the website world I figured I'd take a look around. It's really awesome! You really do explain it all, and you helped me out on a couple things that were bugging me. So, thanks!:)
10 July 2012

rowan | |
i love the colors of your website
8 July 2012 - ny

Victoria | |
Hi Lissa... I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this site, and being such an amazing resource for those who want to learn how to create websites. I first found your website over 10 years ago. I wanted to create my own space to tell my story of what I was experiencing at the time, and I ended up getting into fan sites. Now, I feel I have grown so much, and I feel proud of that growth. Also, my 11 year old daughter is now learning to make websites from your site. So, it has come full circle for me. Again, thank you for all that you do.
28 June 2012 - USA

Shantel |
Just have to say, I was 13 when I first introduced myself to webdesign via your website. I am now 24 years old and this place is exactly as I remembered it.

If you're still around I just had to say thanks, this website helped so much with my creative outlets.
19 June 2012 - Australia

Amy | |
I can't believe this site is still here! It's one that I used many, many years ago when I was new to designing. And it still looks the same!!
19 June 2012 - Beaufort, SC

Linda B. |
Hopefully this message will get through since I don't have an email address for you and can't find one on the site.

Thought you should know that Active Scripts -- including the guestbook -- are no longer available. I found this out when I tried to access their help and FAQ today. Figured you might want to either find another guestbook to suggest or at least make the announcement somewhere on your site.

Thanks for putting this site together. It has helped me immensely with my own.
18 June 2012 - South Carolina

Jenny | |
I Love This Site
7 June 2012 - 29073

Ash |
Hi Lisa! when I first saw your site, I immediately thought.. Hey! a kiddie site for HTML but then when I browsed and read all of the things you posted in here, I was stunned to find a more complete tutorial than any of those sites out there, and you made it look fun and easy.. Thank you so much :)
5 June 2012 - Somewhere far, far away

lord of zombies |
hey just wanted to say thanks, ive always used your site since i was 13 or so. im 22 now. browsers have changed so its takes some getting used to gettiong back into html and style sheets but im getting there, if you have the time check out my websites. and
30 May 2012 - UK

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