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How do I make chromeless windows?
How do I frame my document?

How do I make chromeless windows?   (IE only, currently not supported by Windows XP) A chromeless window differs from a regular pop-up window in that you can totally customize it to match your site. This chromeless window script was written by Gabriel Suchowolski and is used here with his written permission. When installing this script, do not remove copyright information. There are 4 steps to installation (this window works in all browsers, but does not look the same in all browsers):


1]. Download this zip file: (this contains the script and images you'll need).

2]. Add this tag to your <head> tag:

3]. To open your window, add this tag to your HTML document:

<a href="#" onclick="mywindow=openIT('window.html',400,200,null,null,'mywindowname')">Open Chromeless</a>

You can subsitute your own information for the bold text above:
window.html:  The name of your new html page goes here, the one you want to open in the new window.
400, 200:  This is the width and height of your window, make it any size you want.

4]. Unzip and upload all the contents of the zip file to your Web space.

The chromeless window can be easily customized:

wB | Border color.
wBs | Border color on window drag.
wBG | Background of the title bar.
WBGs | Background of the title bar on window drag.
var tH | Title of your window.


How do I frame my document?   (IE only) This is a neat little script by Dynamic Drive that uses CSS properties to frame your document:


Copy and paste the following code and add it after your <body> tag:

Substitute the word "outset" in the above code with one of your own:

solid = solid border
groove = grooved border
ridge = ridged border
inset = yet another grooved version
outset = yet another grooved version =)

You can make your own border thickness by changing the number after "border."

You can change the color of the border by changing the six digit number after "outset" and putting your own six digit color code there.

You can change the color of the scrollbar with regular CSS codes, the instructions can be found on my CSS page.

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