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How do I add a splash tracker?
How do I add auto favorites?
How do I make a letter magnet?
How do I make preload splash page?

*NOTE:   These scripts do not work in all browsers. If you can see the demo, it works in YOUR browser.

How do I add a splash tracker?   (Cross browser) This is a fun little script that lets an image or however many images you want follow around your cursor, and then disappear after a set amount of time:


Download Splashtracker Instructions

This script was provided here, with permission, from the talented Peter Gehrig. Visit his site!


How do I add auto favorites?   (IE only) If you add this single line of code INTO your body tag, when a guest visits your page they will automatically be asked if they want to add your site to their favorites:

<body onLoad="if(document.all) window.external.AddFavorite(window.document.location,window.document.title)">



How do I make a letter magnet?   (IE only) This script draws your message together letter by letter to make a colorful and fun message to your visitors.


Add the following code below your body tag, don't add this tag in a table or between div or span tags:

Download Lettermagnet Instructions

You can configure the message, the font, font colors, and font size yourself in the above script. This script was provided with permission by Peter Gehrig. Visit his site, he has lots of nifty scripts.


How do I make a preload splash page?   (Cross browser) This script makes a nifty splash page, and while your guest is viewing it, your next page is preloading. After the message is over, your guest will be redirected to the next page.


Download Splash Page Instructions

You can configure the above scipt after you've copied it into a plain text editor like Notepad or Simpletext. This script was again provided by the wonderful Peter Gehrig, visit his site!


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