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How do I make mouse fireworks?

How do I make mouse fireworks?   (IE only) This is the coolest script I have seen for a long time. This script was written by Matt Gabbert and is used here with his written permission. When installing this script, do not remove copyright information. To view it, click anywhere on the demo page and you will see a shower of hearts:


To install, there are 3 steps:

First, copy and paste this code into your <head> tag:

Next, put this code in your <body> tag:

Third, copy and paste this code anywhere in your <body> tag:

My hearts were made by using a symbol font. You can use any symbol you want, just replace the in the above code with the appropriate letter you need to represent the symbol. You can choose your own colors for the hearts, and change the color by adding your own 6 digit color code in the above script. If you would like to use images instead of a font, you would make 10 small images, and change the code like this:

<div id="sDiv0" style="position:absolute; visibility: hidden;"><img src="blah.gif"></div>

Of course you would need to change all 10 of the above lines in this way.


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