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Free Guestbooks

There are a lot of different guestbooks that have very different features. Some allow you to preapprove entries before they show up in your guestbook, this is the kind I prefer. I tried to include the ones that are most easily customizable. Clicking on any one of these links will take you off of my site =)

Another option is to install a guestbook on your own server using php or cgi. If you own your own domain and you are provided with a cgi-bin I have an excellent script which even a baby could install (well, almost). I use it myself, you can see it in action here. If you like it, you can download the script and follow my simple instructions located here.

My favorite remotely hosted guestbook is Bravenet Guestbooks. They're reliable and easily customizable. Bravenet has really cut down tremendously on the amount of ads they show, which has made them a really great guestbook service. They also have a really nifty guestmap service which you can also use as a guestbook or an addition to your guestbook.

Here are some others:

Freebok Guestbooks



Spirit Books

Alxnet Guestbooks

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