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Free Graphics

Please keep in mind before you start adding graphics to your page:

Full Moon Graphics
Moon and Back Graphics
Flaming Text<--Make your own graphics online!!
Love-Productions (good layouts for Blogger etc.)
Graphics by Irene
Kaboose Icons
Dreamwork Designs

These sites are all in Japanese, and they have lots of small, colorful graphics for your page. Sometimes it's hard to find things because everything is written in Japanese, but eventually if you keep clicking you'll find what you need :)) A lot of the Japanese sites are removing the English versions of their page because of abuse by American kids. Please be respectful and don't forget to provide a link back to their site if you use their graphics, they all require it!

More Kao-ani Animations
Mokku World
Yupi House
Mie Factory
Sozai Room
Sweet Room
Web Toy Box
School Icons Club
Little House Collection
Yoi-Yoi Zoo of Animated Gifs

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