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How do I get my page listed in search engines?
How do I make my page load faster?
How do I get more hits?
How do I copyright my site?

How do I get my page listed in search engines?   In order to get your page listed in search engines, you need to submit your site to the engine you want to be listed with. This is done by going to the search engine site, and finding the "add URL" link. If you can't find a link, try searching the site for "add URL." The best thing to do is to get your site listed in Google. The other search engines will pick your site up after they know it's listed in Google. Also, you need to have meta tags on your page. A meta tag is something that lets people know what is on your page, and gives keywords about your site so the search engines know what's on your page. This is what my meta tags look like:

<META NAME="keywords" content="html tutorial,html,web page, free guest books, free counters, kids,children,resources,design,home page,html help">

<META NAME="description" content="HTML help and web page design for kids and beginners in an easy to understand format, web page resources including free guest books, free counters and free web space.">

You put these tags in between the </title> and </head> tags. Keep the description short, and don't use too many keywords. In order to be listed you don't need to pay lots of money. You just need to go right to the search engine's main page and look for a link that says "add URL" or "suggest a site." Just click on the link and it will give you directions on how to fill out the form. Not all of the search engines index pages with meta tags, but it is a very good idea to have them on your page. Yahoo and Yahooligans are the hardest engines to get listed with. Other popular search engines include Google, Mamma, Dogpile, Altavista, MSN, and alltheweb.

Here's a nifty little Web site that will tell you how "popular" your Web site is compared to other sites: popuri. I think it's pretty cool, and just gives you some idea how your site ranks in the more popular search engines. Alexa also ranks Web site traffic, although not as effectively.

You can find my auto meta tag builder here. Just fill in the blanks and it makes your meta tags automatically.


How do I get my page to load faster?   After you've made your graphics, or after you've chosen graphics to use, the best way to make your page load faster is to make the file size of your images smaller. You can use the Dynamic Drive image optimizer for free. It reduces the file size of your images. Also, reducing the number of images on your site will reduce load time.

Use CSS instead of tables or frames for site layout. Tables and frames tend to take longer to load.

Remove excess white space in your HTML code. Extra white space will increase the time it takes your site to load.

Use an external style sheet instead of an internal one.


How do I get more hits?   Getting more hits to your site can be very difficult. You need to have a site that people want to come back to, a site that is unique, and a site that is useful in some way. Try some of these tips to help bring more visitors to your site:


How do I copyright my site?   From the moment you publish your site on the Web, as long as the content truly belongs to you, your site is copyrighted by law and you can use the © sign on your site. If you actually want some kind of real protection for your site, in the case of copyright infringement, you should have an official copyright from the Library of Congress Copyright Office. Without an actual copyright certificate you can press charges against someone for violation of copyright laws and collect money from the one who has stolen your work, but your damage amount is reduced considerably since the burden of proof of ownership rests on your shoulders. Registering a copyright for your site is good because you have a public record that you are the author. Under the law, your copyright will last for the duration of your life, plus 70 years after your death. You can print the forms you need from the Copyright Office Web site, and send in the filled out form, a copy of your site, and the amount of money they need (right now it's $30.00). Because of the changing nature of Web sites, you'll probably have to obtain a copyright once per year. I have to send my site in for copyright once a year.

Copyright violations are more serious if the person who steals your work is making a profit from it in some way, or is preventing you from making a profit from it because they're redistributing your work. In that case, if you decide to bring charges against someone who steals your work, they are charged with an actual criminal offense and the fines are steep. You can also sue for court costs, for any money they have made from your work, for any money you DIDN'T receive because they're using your work and redistributing it, and for removal of your copyright notice.

Work that is "influenced" from your site is copyright violation. Work that is taken from your site and paraphrased to make it sound like someone else came up with the idea is a copyright violation. It doesn't have to be an exact copy to be a violation of law, someone just has to think there's a pretty good chance that if they didn't see your site, their work would not have been presented in the same way.

Be secure and get an official copyright, someday you'll be glad you did.


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