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How do I find free Web space?
How do I get my own domain name?
How do I make my own graphics?

How do I find free Web space?   Finding free Web space is easy. Here are some of the larger web page providers, there are more but these are the most well known. If you are an AOL member, they provide you with 2mb of free space for each screen name you have, you can go to keyword: myplace or myftp to upload your files. I have heard many complaints about Angelfire. I have never used it, but people have a hard time running scripts on their pages when they use Angelfire. When you get your account set up with your provider, you can choose an advanced editor or basic editor. It would be better to choose the advanced editor because it gives you more freedom to make your page look the way you want it to look.

A great place to start is Bravenet :

I like Bravenet because they have all the tools you need, including guestbooks, guestmaps, polls, forums, e-mail forms, Webmaster tools, everything you need to make a great site. There are others listed below:


How do I get my own domain name?   A domain name is the same thing as a URL, it represents an address on the WWW and makes the address easier to remember. The only difference is that you can choose your own name for your URL, as long as it has not been used by someone else. Domain names end in .edu (for sites from universities), .com (for commercial sites), .org (usually used by non-profit organizations), .info or .net. Many more extensions are being added all the time. You can get your own domain name free when you purchase a hosting plan from Dreamhost. Dreamhost is the Web host I have used for many years. You can choose to buy a domain name and hosting space separately if you wish, but I recommend buying through Dreamhost, since in the long run it is cheaper.


How do I make my own graphics?   I made this page using 2 graphics programs, Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop. Paint Shop Pro is very easy to use, makes great graphics and is inexpensive. Adobe Photoshop is a lot more complicated (and costs hundreds of dollars more) but the graphics you can make with this program are amazing!!


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