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How do I change the color and size of my font?   You can change the color and size of your font by including style sheets on your page. You can find the right color for your font here.

If you want to change the color of one word or paragraph, you would do it like this:

<font color="#25AD3D">Your text goes here</font>

To change the font size of one word or paragraph, you would do it like this:

<font face="arial" color="#000000" size="3">Your paragraph goes here</font>

You can make the size any number you want. The higher the number, the bigger the font. You can also change the six digit hex code to the color of your choice.

The above codes would override anything you have in your stylesheet.

How do I make a text link?   To make a text link add this code to your page (substitute your own info where you see bold text):

<a href="http://address you want text to link to">Text Goes Here</a>


How do I change the color of my text links?   You can change the color of your links from the regular blue and purple to any color you want. It's easiest to do through style sheets.

Another method you can use is this, although it is much preferred to do it through CSS. You can change link color, active link (alink) color and visited link (vlink) color. You just add this tag after the </head> tag, and substitute your own color code where you see bold text (if you need the color codes click here):

<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#000000" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" alink="#000000">


How do add an "alt" tag to my text links?   This is a really simple, neat little trick that adds a description of your link when you put your mouse over it (this doesn't work with all browsers). Try it out:

Lissa Explains it All

You just need to add this tag to your link (substitute your own information where you see bold text): title="Add the description of your link here" This is what a link with this tag added would look like:

<a href="http://your url" title="your description">your link text here</a>


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