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Hex to Decimal Conversion

This is a handy chart to convert the hex codes from the 216 color safe chart to decimal numbers:

00 00
33 51
66 102
99 153
CC 204
FF 255

If your color from the hex chart is FF66CC your conversion would be 255, 102, 204. The first 2 letters are the red value (R) the 2nd pair of letters are the green value (G) and the 3rd pair of letters are the blue value (B).

Color Slider

If you can't find the color you want on the RGB hex chart, choose a color on this color slider. Slide the bars around until you find your color, and the 6 digit hex code will show up under the words "HTML." The slider also gives you the RGB value.

Color slider class © 1996 John A. Mathesonspacer


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