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My Awards

These are awards I have been sent in recognition for my page. I do not apply for these awards, but people liked my page well enough to send them to me, so they are really special to me =) Thank you so much for each and every one of them!!

Susanne's Award of Excellence
In His Grace Award
The Modern Teen Awesome Site Award
Mom of 9's Place Awards
Ametisti's Art Gallery Web Excellence Award
WOW award from Award
The Angelwing Award
La patate d'Or
I_wants Best of the Web 1999
Rebekah's Award of Excellence
Suzuki's Awesome Site Award
Tracy's Great Site Award
Seeger's Art Award
Jete's Great Site Award
Enchante's BonBon Award
Best Kid's Site, Award of Excellence
Jausten's Award for Excellence
Essence Award
Super Site Award
Creative Kid's Award for Web Excellence
Angel Award
Lady Debbie's Award for Web Excellence
Aphreal's Sweet Pea Page Award
Grandma's Best Site Award
Angela's Angel Award
Award of Happiness
Beautiful Page Award
Great Kid's Award
Favorite Children's Pages Award
Children's Excellence Award
Best Kid's Site
Special Award
Award of Excellence
Website of Excellence
Dignity of Life Award
Award of Excellence
Eddie's Purrfect Site Award
Anne's Award of Excellence
Ronnee's Best Dressed Homepage Award
Jose's Award of Excellence
Angelwings Special Award
Pegasus Design Award Gold
Angel Keeper's Award of Excellence and Beauty
Eveninglight's Award of Excellence
Island Girl's Shining Star Award
Magic Moment's Hot Site Award
Sunna & Gabriel's Angel Award
Award of Beauty
Rena's Corner Award of Excellence
Luck of the Irish Award
Bee'autiful Site Award
Grandpa Chuck's Site Award
The Savant Society Spirit Award
Kylie's Award
Ginny's Award for Excellence
I Like Your Site Award
Allison Heart's Award
BJ's World Gold for Excellence
Artistic Site Award
Seewan's Awesome Site Award
Soft Touch Award
Cindy's Award for Web Site Excellence
Award of Awesomeness from Tina's Page
Boots & Precious Purrfect Page Award
Lil's Beary Special Site Award
Cat's in the House Award
Great Kid's Award
FireFli's Special Award
Award of Excellence
Kimberly's Cool Site Award
Child Psychology Information Center
Best of the Best Award
Shirley Thinks
Shasta's Shack Award
Linda's Angel Award
Janet's Website, I Believe Award
Website Excellence Award
Ellen's Web Site Award, Award of Excellence
Eddie's Design Award
SamShark Award
Punky's Pretty Page Award
Rosen Gold Award
Award of Excellence

More to come when I get a chance to update =))))

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All rights reserved

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