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I also have an award just for kids:

Kids Excellence

My Awards program has been discontinued until further notice, sorry =(

  • No yucky stuff (adult content) on your page
  • The gold, silver and bronze awards are for excellent design and HTML. For gold you have to have alt tags and width and height attributes and excellent HTML, and if you have music on your page you should have a place to turn it off (sometimes the music gets annoying). Also, I like to see when the page was last updated! And PLEASE be original :)
  • If you have graphics on your page that someone else has created, you need to give credit by adding a text or image link to their page, whatever they require. Don't take graphics from someone's page without their permission!! If I don't see credit for every single image on your page, I can't send an award. I actually had someone take graphics from my page without my permission and then apply for my award!!!!!
  • If you're stealing bandwidth, forget it (I had someone apply who was stealing MY bandwidth, sheesh!!).
  • Page must have original content, not just links.
  • Please sign my guestbook (you don't have to but it would be cool!). I like to see what people have to say about my page AND if I lose your email (which I do way too much ;x), I will remember where to find your page.

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