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Old 04-19-2007, 07:43 PM
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a search form and results page

hello all.
So ive been looking around the net trying to find a tutorial that helps with what I want to do but cant quite find it so thought id ask here for guidance =]

in 2 parts

=== PART 1 ====

I have a database with a table called bandprofile and inside the table are:


I would like a page (search.php for example) that has a text box. whatever text the user submits is checked against the name field and if theres a match it shows up (still on search.php) with something like

(any matching names)

you searched for " "

This is what there are various scripts around the net on, but alot of them I see have a drop down box where you have to select where to search i just want it to search names automatically.

=== PART 2 ==

When the results show up, id like the name to be a hyperlink. and when you click the hyperlink your taken to a page (like profile.php)

profile.php should display the bands name, bio, photo and website.
Using the id of the band in the search results to make sure the right information is taken from the database and displayed.

does this all make sense? Ive tried to word it best I can. There are so(!) many different techniques out there for this sort of thing and ive literally been working through them all over the last few weeks and im getting quite frustrated =[

if it wouldnt be too difficult, id like for someone to offer help / guidance / code to do any / all of the above.

hope no one thinks me rude for asking but I have tried to do it myself, promise!

thanks for reading this anyways
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